About SAGA

Who knew that a company manufacturing homemade cartridges founded in 1951 by a husband and wife in Spain would one day be one of the world’s best-known brands used by millions of hunters and shooters in more than 50 countries. This traditional company was SAGA Cartridges and even though the world’s technology has advanced a lot since 1951 we have never forgotten our commitment to quality and close contact with our consumers.

SAGA’s new logo takes its inspiration from the safety that the colour orange signifies in hunting and it is also very present in the shooting world. SAGA’s new orange logo is unique in the cartridge sector and perfectly fits in with our commitment to safety which is something that is very close to our heart and that we never tire of highlighting on our boxes.

SAGA knew that we could not undertake such a big brand change on our own so in order to better connect with our target we performed various sessions with focus groups to get consumers’ opinions. A lot of the elements that you can see in our new packaging comes from those sessions. For SAGA, close contact with our consumers is imperative to our success and we could not have done this change without their feedback.

We are confident that SAGA’s new image better reflects our commitment to our consumers and with an increased presence in social media we offer even more options for them to connect with their target.


Connect With Your Target

To show how our consumers connect with SAGA in each product page we have included testimonials on the cartridges that they purchase from us in their country.

In this digital world, a brand’s connection with its consumers is essential for their mutual success. To further promote this connection SAGA has social media profiles in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. This presence allows SAGA to better connect with its consumers.

Why did we choose the slogan “CONNECT WITH YOUR TARGET”? SAGA wanted a slogan that would work globally and be easily understood in various countries. This slogan perfectly reflects SAGA’s vision to be an innovative, modern brand using cutting-edge technology. It also shows SAGA’s desire to connect with its consumers and offer products to allow them to connect with their target.

Did you know that if we were to place all the cartridges that SAGA has ever produced since 1951 end to end this continuous line would go twice around the world?
That's a lot of cartridges connecting millions of hunters and shooters with their target.  Help us make that three times around the world!

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